Beetroot on a lemon cream with pine nuts and mint

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Recipe by Damaris Beems Course: Starter, StarterCuisine: Mediterrenean, Arabic




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Beetroot always has its earthy taste. And this cream with lemon zest and lemon juice lights it up completely. The pine nuts bring it together. And the mint amplifies everything a little bit more. Delicious appetizer. Can’t say otherwise.


  • 4 cooked red beets

  • 2 cups vegetable crème fraîche

  • 2 organic lemons

  • 50 gram pine nuts

  • little fresh mint

Cooking time

  • Cut the beetroot into nice small cubes.
    Toast the pine nuts until light brown until they release their fragrance.
    Scrape the rind from the lemon and then squeeze it. Mix this with the crème fraîche. Stir well. Add a little salt.
  • Spoon a generous spoonful of the cream into 4 ramekins. Make the inside hollow and scoop in the beetroot.
    Sprinkle the pine nuts on top. Finely chop the mint and sprinkle that on top as well. If you want you can also pour some extra delicious olive oil over it.

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