Broccoli with a slightly spicy gochujan sauce and caramelized peanuts

Well, I just really like broccoli. In any form. But just like with spinach, I’m always looking for new opportunities to give the broccoli an even more amazing stage. Well, that worked out pretty well with this version *she said with a sense of understatement* when I listen to the guests in the restaurant. Try it yourself…

The most delicious carrot-coconut soup with tamarind

A soup the way I like to make them. Just the right thickness, just the right flavor proportions, crunchy pumpkin seeds… Such a soup that is always ordered. And then you know you are doing something right. And that for a carrot soup. Well, that’s quite unexpected I think…

Grilled fig salad with Japanese influences

We associate figs with sweet, balsamic vinegar, for example. With this salad we take a completely different direction, a salty and savory direction. Surprisingly tasty, figs grilled in the oven. I really like figs anyway: from very pure to processed. From fresh from the tree to dried. This salad shows figs from a completely different surprising side.

Gratin à la Dalat

I was once famous for my Gratin Dauphinois. In the pre vegan era, of course. It’s one of those dishes you’ll have to say goodbye to. Because in my philosophy you should not try to make them with replacements because you always will keep longing for the ‘all devastating and delicious taste of the real deal’. But ladies and gentlemen, dear fans and followers, a fantastic new gratin has come into my arsenal. This Asian variant. It will have to sell itself. It doesn’t need me at all. But if you like gratin, you should try it. And why did I call it à la Dalat? Because I was once in this mountain village in Vietnam. A mountain village built by the French, to escape the heat of Ho Chi Minh, when they ‘took over the country for a while’. And since this is an Asian/Vietnamese variation on a French theme, the name seemed obvious to me.