Gratin à la Dalat

I was once famous for my Gratin Dauphinois. In the pre vegan era, of course. It’s one of those dishes you’ll have to say goodbye to. Because in my philosophy you should not try to make them with replacements because you always will keep longing for the ‘all devastating and delicious taste of the real deal’. But ladies and gentlemen, dear fans and followers, a fantastic new gratin has come into my arsenal. This Asian variant. It will have to sell itself. It doesn’t need me at all. But if you like gratin, you should try it. And why did I call it à la Dalat? Because I was once in this mountain village in Vietnam. A mountain village built by the French, to escape the heat of Ho Chi Minh, when they ‘took over the country for a while’. And since this is an Asian/Vietnamese variation on a French theme, the name seemed obvious to me.

Oxheart cabbage with ginger cream and dragon oil

You think cream, you think heavy. You might think red pepper and very spicy. You think oxheart cabbage and you might think boring. Well, if you think that, you’re 3 times wrong. This is an incredible, fresh, light, airy and sparkling dish.

Curry soup with parsnip and red lentils

Parsnip has the special feature that it becomes velvety soft, provided you use just enough water. Not too much not too little. Really so delicious. And that taste is so fantastic. I remember the first time I had it. I was skeptical, but sold right away. So delicious. Here with some curry madras and red lentils it turns into a very spicy and nutritious soup. Nice in a small bowl with a small spoon. And then simply enjoy every bite.

Sticky tempeh

Some things you would like to eat every day. Sticky tempeh is one of these dishes. Indonesian people are famous for their fantastic cuisine of course, and this dish you can wake me up for it any time of the night. Together with some stir fried cabbage with ginger and red chili pepper, some sweet soy sauce and black rice, you’ve got yourself the best package deal.