Spicy plantain, apple and coconut salad

Baking plantain is a discovery of the last 2 years. Normally at breakfast, but here in a salad. Very nice discovery. The interplay with the herbs actually gives the sweet plantain something savory. The coconut adds bite. The apple the freshness. And the ginger some spicyness. This salad is a wonderful surprise. Make it on a beautiful summer day. You will not regret it.

Baked avocado with kidney beans, paprika and tomato

Warm avocado. Yes, yes that’s possible. And it’s also very tasty. Especially with this very tasty and spicy filling. The creamy melted coconut cheese tops it off. A delicious lunch dish, at least that’s what I make it for.

Platano for breakfast

El Salvador is the second home country to my oldest daughter. And naturally, eating habits from that culture find their way into our home. So now we eat several times a week plantain for breakfast. Nice and sweet and crispy and healthy and simply delicious.

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