Leek pistachio soup with sumac

Yes, leeks and pistachio and make a soup out of them. It’s a very logical combination, isn’t it? No, not at all. And yet honor if you make it. Because it’s simply delicious. And the sumac, which tops it off wonderfully with that acid in it.

Rice salad of broad beans, sourberries, cranberries and dill

Broad beans, what a great legume that is. I like everything about it. That recognizable taste, the bite, the color, the shape. The firmness. And in combination with sourberries and cranberries, you don’t know what you’re tasting. It’s become one of our favorites here. Guests come to eat him for lunch at à la minute and then come and get him for home in the evening. Thank kind of salad.

Asparagus with a very crunchy other half

We organize a number of asparagus evenings every year. On those evenings I also prepare asparagus with an Arabic twist. This also applies to this preparation. Every year I come up with something new. But I’ll make this one again next year anyway. Too tasty. Too surprising. And then I’m sure ‘everyone’ will come again.

Persian rice cake with spicy filling and surprising topping

Persian cuisine has its own signature. The flavors are full and subtle at the same time. Sourberries always a pleasant surprise, saffron a feast for the eyes. This cake has different layers and therefore also different flavor layers. And that makes it a party on your plate and in your mouth.