Courgette ‘puree’ with tomatoes

Deliciously soft. Creamy almost. Full of flavour. Clashing colors. But flavours that complement each other wonderfully. And the fried garlic takes you into higher spirits.

Harissa potatoes with a tahini/soy sauce

Baked potatoes deliciously smeared all around with harissa, homemade or from a tube. And then drizzle with tahini/soy sauce, chives and sesame seeds. Potatoes prepared in one of the most delicious ways. The picture speaks for itself, right?

Algerian spinach

Spinach with cayenne pepper, cumin and tomato paste. And garlic, of course. Fry the spinach well, allow moisture to evaporate. And keep stirring. Algerians came up with this delicious combination. These flavors work fantastically together. And then the finishing touch with the green olives is beautiful.

Hummus royale with roasted garlic and mushrooms

Hummus in its purest form is a home coming sensation. Is nice every day. It’s a routine. But sometimes you want hummus to be a bit more festive. Which surprises you, which makes you even happier than usual. This is such a hummus. Really a royal version.