Pea-almond puree with sweet onions

Green peas, what to do with them? Boring, dry, mwa. But somehow they keep pulling at me to make something delicious with it. And that worked out very well with this dish, if I do say so myself. It is a great combination in which the pea rises to great heights. And in addition to being tasty, the pea is also mega healthy, even though you might not say so at first glance. So let’s make it…

Jerusalem artichoke puree with cavolo nero fried in lemon butter

This is a divinely delicious snack to start your dinner with. Jerusalem artichoke puree, nice and nutty, a delicious independent tasting taste. And then the soft, fresh and creamy cavolo nero baked in lemon butter on top.

Arabic pumpkin allspice bread/appetizer

Virry – actually Virginie – walked into the restaurant one day. A farmer at her back – with us in Gameren – had a lot of pumpkins left. Could I do something with that? Naturally. And so we made soup, salad, main courses, mashed potatoes and more of those whoppers of pumpkins for weeks. And this bread. As one of the two starters of a four-course menu. Almost wanting to eat them with your hands.

Lentil-eggplant stew

It’s such a cold day outside, you come home and you need comfort food. Then this is your best option. If you’re lucky, it’s already on the table, otherwise you’ll have to work for another 45 minutes. But then you also have something… By the way, it’s delicious all year round.