Spicy kibbeh balls of pumpkin with ginger yogurt

Crunchy, spicy and delicious. Together with the ginger yogurt fatally delicious. You can make them as big and as small as you want, of course.

Lima bean burgers with spicy bell pepper sauce

Lima beans are so incredibly versatile, and they always bring big smiles to my face. In these mini burgers, they are a wonderful foundation for a tasty spicy snack. That’s how it was made. And to serve with any sauce of course. Also with a sweet one, by the way.

Lebanese creamy red lentil soup with crispy pit acroûtons

Red lentil soup at its very best. But really. The soup itself is already a gift, but those baked pita croutons are the stitching around it. A soup with a bite, I love it.

This recipe will make you a celery lover

“I don’t know how she does it every time, but Damaris knows how to make me love vegetables that I normally really don’t like.” That’s what a guest told me when I had this on the menu. It’s celery at its best. Don’t be afraid, you’re going to love it. Just try a little bit at first. And then you’re convinced.