Moroccan carrot salad with lime yogurt

Carrot is not so tasty and I tire of it quickly. But the Moroccan food culture knows how to handle it. And then carrots are suddenly horribly tasty. Also in this salad that you prepare warm and then let it cool down. Definitely the better way to make a salad as far as I’m concerned.

Pearl couscous (maftoul) with pickled lemon, pistachio and spinach

Maftoul or pearl couscous has such a delicious structure. It is soft and yet has a bite. Those little balls absorb flavor and blend in great with the rest of the ingredients. I am in favor of cooking first and then baking. Then they are at their best. So that’s the tip of the day.

Lima bean red pepper dip

Lima beans, what would I do without them. And here together with sweet fried paprika, cumin and garlic. Delicious.

Cucumber salad with tahina and sesame

Such a delicious salad. Fresh. Creamy. Tasty. Cucumber at z’n best.