Persian caramelized fennel salad

Fennel is so good. Raw very refreshing, but in this salad where you caramelize it, the fennel has become butter-soft and sweet. Ab fab. In combination with onion, garlic and the fresh coconut yoghurt really tasteful. The pomegranate is a very common guest in Persian cuisine. And sames goes in this salad.

Palestinian beetroot salad

It’s a beetroot salad, but as the picture reveals, it’s more than that. Beetroot with carrot from the oven, cherry tomatoes, mint (mmmmm), pine nuts and red onion. A delightful combination from the Palestinian cuisine.

Batata à la Abu Julia

The combination of potato and thyme and garlic in the oven is … tasty and not surprising. But the tangerine peel, on the other hand, is the secret ingredient here. And it’s a perfect combination. A very tasty potato dish. From Palestine. And Abu Julia – Mr Julia – is a Palestinian… and why his name is Julia … or that he calls himself Julia… no idea…. he just cooks really well, that’s the main thing…

Musakhan of mushrooms

I am always a huge fan of mushrooms, provided they are well prepared. I simply love them. They are always taste-enhancing, happy making, making things better… They may even dominate a dish, if I’m concerned. But this Palestinian dish swepped me off my chair. And Joris and his mother also at the same time. We were almost fighting for the last bite. We kept our dignity at the table though, don’t worry.
It is mushrooms revisited, reinvented, adding an extra flavor layer … I go one for many more sentences about it and carry on, but just make it yourself once. And you’ll understand. It’s going to have the same effect on you anyway.