Asparagus on a bed of lima bean puree and with hazelnut pesto

We know asparagus from traditional preparations. In our restaurant we also prepare them in the Middle Eastern way. In this case with a delicious spicy lima bean puree and a fresh crunchy hazelnut pesto. The asparagus is still deliciously crispy but cooked through, straight out of the oven. Sensational, nothing less.

Eggplant fennel soup with a touch of orange

This is not ‘an easy does it’ soup. It keeps you busy. And as it should be, you will be generously rewarded for that. It is a delicious soup. The orange subtly surprises you. The substance is delicious. It looks amazing. In short, go make that soup. Do not hesitate.

Börek with spinach and pine nuts

I do not know why. You wrap something in filo dough and it immediately becomes spectacular. In the end it is a simple dish, but it does not look and taste simple. Spinach becomes the star of the dish, filo dough plays a modest but not unimportant role. All in all, the combination is fatally delicious and a stunning picture on the table.


Paella, the colour, the smell, the taste and the great mouthfeel. Everything comes together here. Every bite tastes slightly different. Simply delicious. And it is an eye catcher of course. As a pleasant extra.