King oyster mushroom on parsnip cream and with pine nuts

Sometimes you just want to put something spectacular on the table. And this is one of them. You use the long great trunk of the king oyster mushroom, you give it all the attention you have. You put it on a bed of parsnip cream and a dollop of pine nut cream on top. And it’s very quiet around you. What a blast.

Beetroot on a lemon cream with pine nuts and mint

Beetroot always has its earthy taste. And this cream with lemon zest and lemon juice lights it up completely. The pine nuts bring it together. And the mint amplifies everything a little bit more. Delicious appetizer. Can’t say otherwise.

Leek from the oven that melts on your tongue with leek cream and dukkah

With a lot of patience, leeks can become the highlight of the evening. The same is true with this dish. You let it simmer for a long time in the oven in oil. It becomes as tender as you’ve never tasted leeks before. And then with a delicious almost sweet leek cream. And crispy dukkah on top. Man, it couldn’t get better. And you never make enough.

Salad of chard, marinated currants and pine nuts

It is a salad that surprises you so pleasantly that you are completely amazed. So I like salads of cooked vegetables. My son often laughs at me about it. Mom, you call this a salad? The answer is: yes. This is also a salad. And a fantastic one.