Citrus rice

In addition to a sweet dish, I like to put down a fresher dish. I love those complementary or sometimes even contrasting flavors. That’s how I came up with the idea of cooking rice in citrus juices. Of course, depending on what you want, you can make it from quite sweet to a bit more bitter or sour. It’s just what you want. In any case, it is really very different. And that’s always nice, such a surprise.

Salad with unforgettable dressing of sun-dried tomatoes

You can simply make the green salad with the green ingredients that you like best. Here I added some edamame beans and avocado. Plus fresh herbs such as flat-leaf parsley, mint, dill and coriander. But the dressing is the winner, so don’t let the salad compete with the dressing. The salad should provide the crunch, that’s the most important thing.

Olive soup à la Ellen

We went for lunch with our dear friends and good cooks Wim and Ellen. And Ellen conjured up an olive soup that was so delicious and surprising that I immediately knew one thing: we are going to serve it with à la Damaris. I had never come up with the idea before and judging by the reactions of our guests, I was not the only one. I gave it an à la Damaris touch but other than that all credits go to Ellen.

Parsnip and celeriac crème brulée

I love the combination of savory and sweet. And I really like to surprise guests with a combination that they absolutely do not expect. And this crème brulée ‘ticks all those boxes’. It was a big hit at the restaurant’s Christmas dinner. And it might as well be at your home.