Crispy fried leeks with creamy caper sauce

Leeks usually play a minor role in dishes. But not in this one. Here, leeks have a real leading role and he can wear them with verve. Leeks like you never eat them. It’s a bit of a chore, but it’s not so tasty. A big hit. Also on your table, for sure.

Braised red bell pepper with dates, lots of coriander seeds and pine nuts

Red peppers become so deliciously sweet if you simmer and braise them for a long time. It makes a tagine dish so delicious. Here the peppers still get help from medjouldadels, the kings of dates. In recent months, since our last visit to Morocco, I have started to use even more dried fruit in dishes. With potatoes, in kibbehs and also here with the bell pepper. Truly a find of Moroccan and Middle Eastern cuisine. The pine nuts give the earthy character and the coriander seed in abundance gives it its own signature. It was ‘the favourite’ of many guests when we had this in the menu at the beginning of September. Now at your home.

Onions from the oven with orange syrup and thyme

I had been looking forward to including this dish in the menu for a long time. But each time I felt that it did not fit into the composition of the main courses, until last week. It was the perfect moment. And they were also terribly tasty, according to all the guests. Success assured.

Breaded spicy whoppers of olives

A spicy and tasty crust of pink berries, oregano, salt and pepper (and panko), great big pitted green olives and a quick deep fry. Simply delicious.