The green, greener, greenest salad

There are green salads and greenest salads. This is the greenest salad. Delicious hearty-tasting little Mediterranean cucumbers, dill, spring-onions and if I would have had avocado in the house, I would have added it as well. And the dressing, entirely in style. Green, too. In the blender 30 leaves mint, garlic, lime juice and some vegan mayo. And finally some roasted green pumpkin seeds… I can’t make it greener for you. Nor any better.

Next level fennel gratin

Next level fennel gratin. Which makes it a serious main course. Not just a simple vegetable dish, no one that stands. Stands out. Herbs, (vegan) cheesy, handsome and with a deep taste.

Spinach and black eyed peas with Szechuan pepper

Since the pregnancy of my oldest child, my son, I have had a very special relationship with spinach. And it’s been going on for about 29 years now. And still going strong happily together. We know how to surprise each other over and over again. Also this time. Here the Szechuan pepper works perfectly together with the balsamic vinegar. On top of my ‘super man’ spinach, of course.

Brussels sprouts with red grapes and sherry

This is really a very creative way to serve Brussels sprouts. The combination of the sweet grapes, the delicious taste of sherry, the Brussels sprouts themselves and the crunchy water chestnuts. Cleaning Brussels sprouts is always a chore, but with a little help you’ll be done quite quickly. And otherwise it’s a meditative 15 minutes. And the result is not to be missed.