Haricots verts salad with hazelnuts

Minimal effort, maximum result. Completely against my slow cooking nature, this is a nice and quick recipe. But one with a maximum surprise effect, so to speak. Which stays with you as much as possible. And that will amaze your guests at the table. Sometimes it’s nice to have a beautiful dish that you can serve at your table in no time.

Artichokes with vinaigrette

When they’re in the field and they’re thriving, they’re deep purple. Beautiful sight. Then it’s hard to imagine you’re going to eat them sometime. I find eating an artichoke one of the nicest things out there. Especially if you can do it together with someone else. Sharing an artichoke. Taking off leaf by leaf. Just dipping it in the vinaigrette. And then scrape off the soft part with your teeth. The clash of flavors. The ‘nutty’ taste of an artichoke and the freshness of the vinaigrette. And then when all the leaves are taken out, free the heart from the threads and then eat it. Don’t forget that you are sharing the artichoke, okay?

Tarte Tatin aux abricots

One of my daughters pledged one day: I could have Tarte Tatin for breakfast, lunch and diner. And as a snack in between. And I couldn’t agree more. It is so mouthwatering and such comfort food. Enjoying every minute of this sensation. I do not have a sweet tooth but I must say that I have made Tarte Tatin to perfection in the past 15 years. In only two versions: one with apple and this one with apricots. A la myself, the two most délicieux combinations. Usually I make it for desert. That’s when you can extend this enjoyment the longest.

Salade verte

To end every meal in style with a green salad, a salade verte is what I like so much. It’s a great tradition I was brought up with and I did the same with my kids. The simpler the better actually. It is a beam of light at the end of every meal. Exactly like the picture shows, the salad is in the spot light. This salad deserves a stage, every day. And that’s why it also deserves its place here on this website.

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