Turnips in the oven

Turnips, I’d never seen, held, let alone tasted one. But I got some from the market garden where we get a lot of our vegetables. “See if you can do something with it,” she said. They lay in the refrigerator for days. Everytime I saw them, but left them there. “Ga je nog wat met me doen?” And then I decided it had to be done. I thought of mustard. I thought of the oven. I thought of fresh basil. And boy, it was so good. I decided to serve it in the restaurant the week after. Everyone just has to taste this.

Crispy coeur de boeuf tomato

I was recently in Madrid to visit my daughter Lalaine who has just moved there. In the evening we went out for dinner at la Musa Latina and chose some delicious dishes. This was one of them and it was an instant it. My brain went into a creative mode and once back in the restaurant I made this à la Damaris variant. This one is to stay.

Dandelion honey or ‘miel de pisenlit’

In the summer of 2021, we had lunch at the plant-based restaurant ONA near Bordeaux, which has a Michelin star. With our coffee and tea we got ‘miel de pisenlit’. Honey from dandelions. Honey?, I asked. In a plant-based restaurant? But no bee was involved in this honey. It was so delicious that I really wanted to make it myself. Had to wait a year for the dandelions to return. Now it’s time. And the result is astonishingly delicious. Honey that isn’t technically honey, but it tastes like it and is truly delicious.

Haricots verts salad with hazelnuts

Minimal effort, maximum result. Completely against my slow cooking nature, this is a nice and quick recipe. But one with a maximum surprise effect, so to speak. Which stays with you as much as possible. And that will amaze your guests at the table. Sometimes it’s nice to have a beautiful dish that you can serve at your table in no time.