Parsnip fries

Snacking can be so good. And healthy, too. These fries are made from strips of parsnip. Very tasteful. Very crunchy. And of course full of flavour. Delicious as a side dish or just instead of a bowl of chips or nuts.

Lunch with a ‘star’

Bread, it’s not my favourite. I prefer having a warm lunch. Even salad are lukewarm often at my table. But if I make this little mushroom dish for lunch, than even I have some bread to go along with it. It’s a smasher. Irresistible and greedy, that’s what it does to you. But hey, there are worse things we need to deal with.

Salad à la le frigo

This large salad actually never looks the same. It depends on what I find in ‘le frigo’, the fridge. Okay, most of the time the salad will have baby gems and tomato. And I always add some fried onions, garlic and red pepper. But after that it becomes free format. Avocado, corn, cucumber, carrot, pickle, pine nuts/ sunflower seeds/ pumpkin seeds, lentils, chickpeas, courgette, rice, potato .. I could go on for ever. A nice creamy dressing tops it off. I make that with vegan mayonaise, hummus and coconut yoghurt.

Crispy kale salad

Yes, that’s right, a crispy kale salad. How does the kale get crispy, you may ask? Well, that’s a good question … you fry it quickly in sunflower oil. That’s the trick. And the effect is huge. The effect is surprising. And delicious. Put an apron when you put the kale in the frying pan. This salad is crispy, fresh and sweet at the same time. Really worth a try.