Moroccan potatoes from the oven with ras el hanout and pickled lemons

Potatoes boring? Man, make this one once. Tasty firm potato, pickled lemon, garlic, black olives and ras el hanout. A fatal attractive tasty combination.

Baked red cabbage ‘salad’ with blood orange, kohlrabi and kumquats

Mom, you call this a salad? The answer is: yes. I like salads where the vegetables are not raw. Lukewarm, even better. I just don’t like cold and raw food. So my salads are often already baked or prepared in the oven and then cooled. As far as I’m concerned, the dressing determines whether something can be called a salad or not. And of course there is always something raw. Like now the kumquats and the blood orange. Soooo.

Thick Moroccan tomato soup with fried arugula

I really like tomato soup. Especially if you manage to add a surprise to it. And in this case it certainly is. A delicious spicy tomato soup, thickened with semoulina and topped with fried arugula. Really another delicious tomato soup.

Radicchio salad with dates and pumpkin seeds

A crunchy, sweet and savory salad. When you talk about layers of flavor, you’re talking about this salad. One taste sensation after another in your mouth. And just when you think you’ve tasted everything, you discover a new taste. This is such a salad.