Spicy Turmeric Cayenne Fenugreek Garlic Kohlrabi

Kohlrabi is a new discovery of mine. I love it. It’s grown around here and I buy it from locals. And this Dutch vegetable can certainly be prepared in an Arabic way. The proof is in the pudding and in this recipe. Deliciously spicy. And kohlrabi itself is also really great. And light. And nutritious.

Moroccan spicy heartwarming white beans

Heartwarming, I say this for a reason. On a chilly evening or perhaps just on a hot day, this is a heartwarming dish. The herbs make it a smashing dish. The combination of Ras el Hanout, Turmeric and Cumin…. and those in combination with the moisture of the tomatoes is incredibly tasty. And the taste continues to surprise you until the last spoonful. And it stays with you for a while.

Moroccan spinach soup

Spinach soup. Savoury because of the spinach, sweet because of the dried apricots, a spicy edge because of the harissa, nice herbs with the coriander and the flat-leaf parsley. A fatal combination. You keep on eating. And the chickpeas make sure you have some delicious to chew on. That’s nice as well.

Red hot chili cauliflower

The smell of cooked cauliflower is synonymous with musty, boring, not tasty, old-fashioned … And I can go on like this for a while. This cauliflower dish will get rid of this image in a wink. Radically. It’s exciting. It’s delicious. It’s different. It’s hearty. Cauliflower deserves that.