Garlic saffron soup with harissa

Garlic soup, maybe you think ‘that’s a bit too intense for me’. But if you knew that this and the other garlic soup on this site are ‘the soup hits’ in the restaurant… you might consider making it. Really super tasty, surprisingly tasty and ready in no time at all. Although that’s never a recommendation for me, but still…

Moroccan desert soup

Sweet and spicy. Savory too. Exactly the right consistency. Soft in your mouth. Complex flavors without being distracting. It sounds like literature, but it is simply a hero of a soup. An every day soup. Stand up whoever doesn’t like this soup. I accept the challenge. That’s how confident I am.

Sabayech (spinach à la Fati

Whenever I can, I dive into a kitchen to cook with someone. I think that’s the nicest thing there is. It immediately creates a bond, you both do what you like best, you immediately exchange knowledge and passion with each other and in the meantime you are just making delicious things. You do not even have to speak each other language fluently in order to understand each other. So that’s exactly what I did in Tamragth, Morocco, two days after I tasted this dish for the first time. t hit like a bomb and I immediately made an appointment to cook together with Fati(ma). And that’s what we did. And now I serve it in restaurant and the guests say unanimously…. you get a star for this. Well, Fati deserves it.

Zaynab’s Sunday afternoon soup

You look at the ingredients and think … simple. And maybe you think … not special enough… well, then you’re wrong… Because this soup is extremely delicious. You hope there will be something left for later or for the next day… and that nobody will beat you to it… Because that would be … annoying… This is the soup Zaynab once made for us on a Sunday afternoon. We always remembered it and often long for it…