Creamy garlic soup with harissa

We already have another delicious garlic soup in our arsenal. But this one is also top notch. The harissa slightly spicy and spicy. Together with the creamy garlic soup with white wine in it such a great combination.

Moroccan carrot salad with lime yogurt

Carrot is not so tasty and I tire of it quickly. But the Moroccan food culture knows how to handle it. And then carrots are suddenly horribly tasty. Also in this salad that you prepare warm and then let it cool down. Definitely the better way to make a salad as far as I’m concerned.

Date tahina cookies

I’m not into baking, but sometimes I let myself be tempted. I got this from the cookbook ‘tahini’ and everything with tahini is better. Moreover, this is so easy to make that even I wanted to try it, in terms of baking that is. Because sometimes cooking can’t be too complicated enough for me. I serve these cookies with a savory dip, such as baba ganoush. Delicious combination.

Moroccan spicy pumpkin coconut soup

Creamy because of the coconut milk and coconut cream, spicy because of the fenugreek and cinnamon. Pumpkin makes it wonderfully soft. And the lemon and orange zest give it that kick that makes it addictively delicious.