Stuffed courgettes Moroccan style

Tasteful. Healthy. Colorful. Soft. Crisp. Festive. Easy. Light. Savoury. Sweet. In these 10 words, it’s all there. These courgettes filled Moroccan style. And it gives you 10 reasons to start making it.

Tagine with broad beans, artichoke and broccoli

Every vegetable tagine has its own signature. This tagine combines a whole number of flavors. Broad beans are clearly present. Artichokes cannot be eaten unnoticed either. Olives also like begin the center of attention. And of course pickled lemons speak for themselves. They bring all the flavors together. Let it all slow cook on the charcoal outside. Or on very low heat and a on your stove.

Potatoes with celery and fennel

Fennel, celery and potato. In one pan. With some basil and mint. And it’s good as it is. Really. The fennel and celery are gently smothered and subtly give off their taste. The potato is the connector. Everything is subtle and wonderfully soft in this dish. Even if you don’t like fennel or celery, this dish knows how to conquer you.

Sticky carrots

I can’t believe what a picture this is. So wonderfully attractive. Those shiny, shiny carrots. In all their sweetness and spiciness. In their perfection really.