Eggplant soup with pickled lemon and black tahina

I would like to make this soup just for the garnish with the black tahina. Quite a picture, right? And tasty too. This soup is everything a soup should be. Just thick enough, very tasty, surprising because of the pickled lemon and also beautiful in your bowl.

Kadaifi pie with filling of palm cabbage, date and ras el hanout

Kadaifi, that’s what it looks like in the picture. Like a small battlefield, because everyone wants to eat it so greedily. The structure of the kadaifi is special and surprising. Above all, very pleasant. And the filling is the wonderful combination of spicy, spicy, and sweet. Really everyone’s friend this pie. And that’s what you want on your table, right?

Moroccan pointed cabbage with harissa and cumin seeds

Pointed cabbage is my favorite of all cabbages, I think. The texture is great, the taste is delicious. The cabbage is versatile. I also make this recipe as a salad. Just let it cool down for a while. It can be that simple sometimes.

Couscous salad with seasoned carrot and palm cabbage

The carrot is well and firmly seasoned, so it’s super tasty. And the palm cabbage gives colour, bite and flavour. The pickled lemon gives it that typical Moroccan feel. Lovely in the summer. Lovely in the winter. Always.