Pasta bil laban

Warm yogurt, this is always almost too good to be true. Always so good. So gentle and soft. Bringing everything together in the ultimate comfort food dish. In this recipe, it contrasts perfectly with the deliciously crunchy breadcrumbs and the spicy pine nuts. Even though it is a pasta dish, the Palestinians have made a Middle Eastern version with the warm yogurt, crispy breadcrumbs and the spicy pine nuts. And the combination of herbs and spices.

Pasta with chard and cream sauce

Chard does not appear on our table on a daily base. But, if one gets a lot of chard in the house, one becomes creative. This turned out to be a very creative culinary recipe. Soft, creamy, tasteful.

Swiss chard with lentils, mushrooms and potato

I have not been preparing Swiss chard often until now. But through the restaurant Bommels Bakhuys and their fantastic kitchen paradise garden Bommels Buiten, I sometimes get kilo’s of Swiss chard delivered at my kitchen doorstep. And then many things start to happen in my kitchen. This is one of the best recipes with Swiss chard. Warm in every sense of the word. Comfort food. Nutricious. Tasteful. Full of flavour. Tiny bit Arabic due to the spices. Keeping close to my roots, always. In any case, you will enjoy it very much.

Salad with aubergine dressing and parsley oil and shatta

This salad should be made with romaine salad and without tomatoes. But hey, I did not have any salad in my fridge but I did have tomatoes… so I decided to make this version. It turns a regular plaine salad into a stunning one.