Arancini da Ischia

When I think of Sunday afternoon. When I think of Italy. And I combine those two, then I think of arancini da Ischia. Recently we also had delicious arancini at our Italian friend’s Gian in Antwerp. And he gave me his recipe. And I put some à la myself in the recipe, and this is what came out. It’s really good. A very independent type of side dish with rice.


Whether you like beets or not, this looks incredibly good, right? And it is. Red wine, red onions, beets… And some garlic and dill. So incredibly delicious. So fresh. So earthy. And so tasteful.

Kale with …. spicy mushrooms

‘Stampot’ (mashed potatoes with kale) belongs to the Dutch ‘cuisine’. It’s part of our winter. And of course, stamport traditionally includes bacon and sausage. But not here, of course. And with these amazing spicy mushrooms, you have a whole new ‘stampot’ experience. One that overrides the other. It’s better. More tasteful. Really great.

Persian caramelized fennel salad

Fennel is so good. Raw very refreshing, but in this salad where you caramelize it, the fennel has become butter-soft and sweet. Ab fab. In combination with onion, garlic and the fresh coconut yoghurt really tasteful. The pomegranate is a very common guest in Persian cuisine. And sames goes in this salad.