Baked potato with coriander seed and black olives

So I’m not a potato eater at all. Not interesting. Needless filling of the stomach. That kind of thoughts. But prepared this way, I keep relishing it. One baked potato left on a dish on the counter. And it’s gone soon. In my mouth. Make this recipe with good firm jacket potatoes, they are the best.

Heartwarming hummus soup

I heard about hummus soup and thought only one thing: I need to make it. And fast. And I prepared it. My heart was beating with anticipation. Actually, my expectations were so high that it could only be disappointing. But, you guessed it: it was overwhelmingly delicious. Almost too good to be true. Much tastier than expected. And I didn’t think that alone. The structure. The taste. The mouthfeel. The image. Everything is right, but really everything.

Turnips in the oven

Turnips, I’d never seen, held, let alone tasted one. But I got some from the market garden where we get a lot of our vegetables. “See if you can do something with it,” she said. They lay in the refrigerator for days. Everytime I saw them, but left them there. “Ga je nog wat met me doen?” And then I decided it had to be done. I thought of mustard. I thought of the oven. I thought of fresh basil. And boy, it was so good. I decided to serve it in the restaurant the week after. Everyone just has to taste this.

Minestra nera with fennel seed and pine nuts

One day Elisiv from Tuinderij Geworteld sends me a message that she can harvest ‘minestra nera’ for me. So I had never heard of that. She gave me a kilogram of it to try. Felt, squeezed, took a bite raw. Also looked around on the internet. And I decided to cook and bake a little of it. The latter turned out to be great. It was like my beloved cavolo nero, but softer. I combine it here with fennel seeds and pine nuts. A brilliant combination as it turned out quite quickly.