Mushroom risotto with cavolo nero and hazelnuts

This is where all the great earthy flavors come together. Mushrooms, palm cabbage, hazelnuts. With the counterpart of the fresh lemon and white wine. We often bring a meal to an elderly sweet man, Jos. He said this risotto is my favorite. Well, all is said with this one.

Smooth lentils, spinach, tomato in mustard sauce

Spinach is my favorite. Lentils are my favorite. I love mustard. Well, that translates into a win win win for me with this dish. It is tasteful. It is outspoken. It’s ready in a jiffy. I would serve it with a delicious thick toasted slice of bread with fried garlic on it.

Pesto of palm cabbage (and much more of course)

Well well well, one can use pesto for just about everything, right? For me, it’s the same as with hummus. A daily companion. On toast. In salads. Mixed in some vegetables. Or just a spoon of it, just like that. Because it’s so good. I made this variant with palm cabbage after I was inspired by Penny. And then of course it got me going à la Damaris style.

Exciting and unctuous orzo with kale, tomato and more…

Somehow orzo always gives such a comfort food feeling. And especially if you can make a one-pan dish like this that has everything in it. The sensation of comfort food. An alternation of savory with a little sweet because of the cinnamon stick. Boost of health through the kale. And a bit of spiciness through the harissa. I said it already… it has everything in it.