Tomato pilav

Unctuous is the word that comes to mind when I think of this pilav. Slightly sweet, delicious tomato aroma, light, sparkling and above all very soft. Yes, unctuous indeed. Everything is wonderfully soft and harmonious.

Spinach and black eyed peas with Szechuan pepper

Since the pregnancy of my oldest child, my son, I have had a very special relationship with spinach. And it’s been going on for about 29 years now. And still going strong happily together. We know how to surprise each other over and over again. Also this time. Here the Szechuan pepper works perfectly together with the balsamic vinegar. On top of my ‘super man’ spinach, of course.

Courgette ‘puree’ with tomatoes

Deliciously soft. Creamy almost. Full of flavour. Clashing colors. But flavours that complement each other wonderfully. And the fried garlic takes you into higher spirits.

Harissa potatoes with a tahini/soy sauce

Baked potatoes deliciously smeared all around with harissa, homemade or from a tube. And then drizzle with tahini/soy sauce, chives and sesame seeds. Potatoes prepared in one of the most delicious ways. The picture speaks for itself, right?