Blackened zucchini with roasted garlic and tahini yogurt

It is in one word and in one minute your favorite dish. It’s a bit of hard work, but worth every minute. So complex in taste, so well matched, so full of flavor and so light. And very surprising too. So much tastier than you expect.

Kadaifi pie with aubergine-tomato filling

You take a bite and you get a few sensations at once: super crispy, super soft and super flavorful. So, kadaifi dough is really a find. It is normally used for baklava, but here I used it in a savory patty. And man oh man, what a find. You don’t get over it, you keep talking about it after a few days.

Spicy za’atar crackers

These crackers are not exactly secondary to any dip that can go on them. In fact, they are quite pronounced in taste. And that’s not a bad thing, because they are very tasty. And not difficult to make.

Asparagus hummus

I can be a puritan, especially when it comes to hummus. Must with tahina, decorated with za’atar, paprika or cumin.
But for an asparagus menu I like to use the free space. And so it came to be that I made asparagus hummus. Delicious, the lightness and taste of the asparagus and the always ‘down-to-earth effect’ of the tahina. Love it. And with that, this is a great variation on the hummus theme that I can fully support.