Delicate broad beans pilav

Anything that tends to taste bitter will get my loving attention. I can sometimes long for that taste so badly. Fresh broad beans cannot be compared to anything else. They are widely used in the Middle East. Delicious. Here in the pilav with some fresh dill, onion and garlic it is a fantastic soft delicate combination. And to counter that, sometimes we take shatta with it. The green version in this case. The colour maches the dish and the sharpeness is completely appropriate.

Fried cavolo nero in garlic-lemon butter and toasted almonds

Cavolo nero is often compared to kale or wild spinach. But actually, that doesn’t do him justice. Cavolo nero is cavolo nero. Lovely structure, soft taste, great to combine. Whatever you combine it with, cavolo nero (or palm cabbage) absorbs it all with love. And then we eat it with love. While releasing some cries of delight at this Arabic version.

Warm, yes really, warm hummus with baked bread

Hummus, I eat it almost every day. I eat it all the time. Combine it with just about anything. I’m never tired of it. And I always had it at room temperature until now. Until one day it was served as a hot dish. And then … I experienced hummus in another dimension. I could have it it as a main, but I am not sure about other people… ‘:-) This hummus is softened by the yogurt. And the baked bread from the oven that you find on and under and half in it fits perfectly. Well, I’d say. Once served like this and there is no way back.

Palestinian cavolo nero salad from Ramsey

It starts with the crunchy cavolo nero (palm cabbage). Washing, cutting it, the shimmering leaves. It’s a party right away. And then the sundried tomatoes, the smoked paprika, cumin, pepper, chickpeas… you don’t even have to take a bite to know that it will appear regularly on your table. And then if you take a bite, you know it for sure.