Eggplant fries with pomegranate molasses and zau0027atar yogurt

Recipe by Damaris Beems
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We could have left this salad on the menu forever. It happened only twice, we just want a different menu every week. But itu0027s divinely delicious. Everything about it. The structure, the surprising spices, the sweetness, the crunch and the gift of the lightly caramelized asparagus. In one word: fantastic.


  • 4 eggplants

  • 100 gram cornstarch

  • 250 gram flour

  • 1 liter plant based milk

  • 200 ml plant based yogurt

  • 4 table spoon zau0027atar

  • 1 liter sunflower oil

  • 50 ml pomegranate melasses

Cooking time

  • Cut the head and butt off the eggplants and then cut them into 4 to 5 slices. Cut the slices into wide vertical strips and you can cut them in half again. Thatu0027s your chips. Continue like this with all the eggplants and then put them in a bowl into which you have poured the vegetable milk. Make sure the fries are all well covered in milk. Let them soak like this for at least an hour.
  • Meanwhile, mix the yogurt and zau0027atar.
    Mix the flour with the cornstarch.
  • Spoon the eggplant chips into a sieve or colander and let them drain for a while. Fifteen minutes is enough.
    Now heat the sunflower oil in a pan.
    Now put the chips in small batches in the bowl with the flour and make sure they are coated with flour all over.
    Fry the fries in several batches until crispy. Turn them over regularly. When they are nicely browned all over, remove them from the pan and let them drain on paper towels.
  • Serve with the pomegranate molasses and yogurt.

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