Leek from the oven that melts on your tongue with leek cream and dukkah

With a lot of patience, leeks can become the highlight of the evening. The same is true with this dish. You let it simmer for a long time in the oven in oil. It becomes as tender as you’ve never tasted leeks before. And then with a delicious almost sweet leek cream. And crispy dukkah on top. Man, it couldn’t get better. And you never make enough.

Pasta with braised radicchio and pine nuts

Radicchio is not so common while it is such a delicious vegetable. Raw but certainly also smothered like in this pasta. Nicely ‘lit up’ with lemon zest and balsamic vinegar. And made ‘earthy’ again with the pine nuts. A feast. A nice quick lunch dish or just nice for the evening meal… All is fine.

Mushroom risotto with cavolo nero and hazelnuts

This is where all the great earthy flavors come together. Mushrooms, palm cabbage, hazelnuts. With the counterpart of the fresh lemon and white wine. We often bring a meal to an elderly sweet man, Jos. He said this risotto is my favorite. Well, all is said with this one.

Exciting and unctuous orzo with kale, tomato and more…

Somehow orzo always gives such a comfort food feeling. And especially if you can make a one-pan dish like this that has everything in it. The sensation of comfort food. An alternation of savory with a little sweet because of the cinnamon stick. Boost of health through the kale. And a bit of spiciness through the harissa. I said it already… it has everything in it.