Portabello filled with risotto of leek and funghi porcini

Risotto in the morning, in the afternoon, in the evening. I’m insatiable when it comes to risotto. Every risotto. All the time. I also always present and serve it with the utmost love and attention. Because creamy risotto, however delicious, does not always look equally attractive. For risotto I always go that extra mile or two or three. It’s just secretly my “favorite.” And in this case, not only does it look delicious, but of course the portabello also adds real flavour and texture to the risotto.

Recipe e-book: The Italian Kitchen

The Italian kitchen is delicious. Deliciously pure. With just a few ingredients you can be a magician in your kitchen. In this recipe e-book I have gathered 45 of my favourite recipes. the guests at your table with dishes that have that special element to make you...

Bitter sweet salad

I like bitter. Very much so. It can’t be bitter enough for me. Chicory. Grapefruit. Brussels sprouts. And when it is combined with sweet, then la Beems is a very happy trooper. Let’s see if you will be too….

Artichokes with vinaigrette

When they’re in the field and they’re thriving, they’re deep purple. Beautiful sight. Then it’s hard to imagine you’re going to eat them sometime. I find eating an artichoke one of the nicest things out there. Especially if you can do it together with someone else. Sharing an artichoke. Taking off leaf by leaf. Just dipping it in the vinaigrette. And then scrape off the soft part with your teeth. The clash of flavors. The ‘nutty’ taste of an artichoke and the freshness of the vinaigrette. And then when all the leaves are taken out, free the heart from the threads and then eat it. Don’t forget that you are sharing the artichoke, okay?