Pumpkin risotto

Risotto and I are very close friends. Unconditional love. For life. It never disappoints me. My kitchen always has everything in stock you need to make a risotto. Sometimes I don’t know which one to prepare, but then the risotto ‘finds me’. With good suggestions. Like the other day with pumpkin. Love at first sight again. What’s new.

Arancini da Ischia

When I think of Sunday afternoon. When I think of Italy. And I combine those two, then I think of arancini da Ischia. Recently we also had delicious arancini at our Italian friend’s Gian in Antwerp. And he gave me his recipe. And I put some à la myself in the recipe, and this is what came out. It’s really good. A very independent type of side dish with rice.


Whether you like beets or not, this looks incredibly good, right? And it is. Red wine, red onions, beets… And some garlic and dill. So incredibly delicious. So fresh. So earthy. And so tasteful.

Passata di pomodoro à la Giancarlo

The excuse to just hang out in the kitchen for a few hours. Usually on Sunday afternoons, by the way. Making tomato sauce for later this year. Slow cooking to the max. Sterilizing bottles. The promise that that delicious sauce will be in the pantry waiting for you. For that day where you do not know what to prepare. Or exactly know what you want to make. And you decide that this is the perfect occasion to open up this bottle or jar. Yes, that sounds like the perfect day.
It’s according to the recipe from the kitchen of our Italian friend Giancarlo from Napoli. It doesn’t get any more authentic. Nor classic. Typical à la Damaris.