Pea-almond puree with sweet onions

Recipe by Damaris Beems
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    Green peas, what to do with them? Boring, dry, mwa. But somehow they keep pulling at me to make something delicious with it. And that worked out very well with this dish, if I do say so myself. It is a great combination in which the pea rises to great heights. And in addition to being tasty, the pea is also mega healthy, even though you might not say so at first glance. So let’s make it…


    • 250 gram peas

    • 250 gram white almonds

    • 200 ml plant based cream

    • 200 ml oatmilk

    • 5 Onions

    • 2 table spoon cane sugar

    • olive oil

    • salt and pepper

    Cooking time

    • Boil the white almonds for fifteen minutes and then leave them in the hot water.
    • Cut the onions into rings and fry them very gently in the olive oil over low heat until they have become wonderfully soft and sweet. After half an hour you can add the sugar, stir and let it do its job.
    • Cook the peas for 10 minutes.
      Drain them.
      Put the almonds, peas, salt and pepper and oat milk in a food processor and grind everything into a nice puree. There may still be some pieces of almond in it. That’s nice. Add a little more milk if you think it should have that. Decide for yourself what you like best.
    • Spoon the peas onto a platter and place the onions on top.

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