The most delicious carrot-coconut soup with tamarind

Recipe by Damaris Beems
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A soup the way I like to make them. Exactly the right thickness, just the right flavor proportions, crunchy pumpkin seeds… The kind of soup that is always ordered. And then you know you are doing something right. And that for a carrot soup. Well, that’s quite unexpected I think…


  • 1 kilo carrot

  • 2 Onions

  • 10 cloves garlic

  • 0,5 table spoon cinnamon, ginger powder, turmeric powder, paprika powder, pul biber, (half a tablespoon each)

  • 5 table spoon tamarind paste

  • olive oil

  • 1 liter coconut milk

  • 0,5 liter vegetable broth

  • salt and black pepper

  • 3 table spoon pumpkin seeds

Cooking time

  • Bake the chopped onions, the sliced ​​garlic and the chopped carrot for 10 minutes. Until they are already a bit soft and a little brown. Add the spices, stir well and fry for 3 minutes.
    Then pour in the broth, stir well and cook for 15 minutes until everything is really nice and soft.
    Add the coconut milk and stir well. See if you think it’s too thick and add some coconut milk or broth to your liking. Bring it to taste with salt and pepper.
  • Bake the pumpkin seeds in a dry frying pan until they start to pop. Use them as a garnish on the soup.

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