Best risotto ever with sweet garlic and tomato

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A great risotto stays with you for a while. You keep eating because of the intense taste. Living on the edge, I know. Risotto is an attention junkie, you need to stay by its side all the time. It keeps on talking to you when you prepare it. The advantage is that your guest at the table will be silent for while, terribly enjoying what they’re eating.


  • 300 gram arborio rice

  • 1 kilo ripe tomatoes

  • 3 large onions

  • 300 mililiter white wine

  • 750 mililiter vegan chicken broth

  • 2 bulbs garlic

  • fresh rosemary and dried Italian herbs

  • 1 table spoon sugar

  • olive oil

  • salt and pepper

  • fresh basil

  • vegan grated cheese


  • Rinse and cut the tomatoes in two. Place them with the open side up in a greased platter. Add the garlic bulbs. Add the rosemary. Sprinkle olive oil, the sugar and the salt and pepper. Place the platter in the oven at 220 degrees for an hour. Stir once in a while during that time.
  • Then put the tomatoes in a food processor. Squeeze out the softened garlic cloves out of the bulb. This is an easy thing to do, but beware it can be hot. Enjoy the smell… Then add the garlic to the tomatoes in the food processor. Add all the juices from the platter as well.
  • Cut the onions into pieces and fry them in a thick bottomed pan in the olive oil. If they are nicely brown, add the rice. Stir until all the rice is nice and greasy and the liquid is soaked in. Add the wine now. When the risotto stops ‘talking to you’ you can add the tomato sauce. Because the sauce is somewhat thick it is a challenge to get the sauce into the rice. If you feel you need to add some moist, you can add some hot broth at the same time. Do not add wine anymore at this point.
    No need for panic, it just takes some time.
    Stir the risotto en keep adding some liquid (maximum of 100 ml at the time) until the rice is almost done.
  • You keep on doing this for about 45 minutes. And then you leave the risotto in the pan, with the lid on but the fire off.
  • Then add some fresh basil and the cheese.
  • And then let’s see if there is going to be a bit left for tomorrow.

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