Labneh met vijgen en gekarameliseerde walnoten

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Recipe by Damaris Beems Course: Mezze, Salad, SidesCuisine: Lebanese, Arabic




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Figs are comfort food for me. I eat them with skin and all. I simply cannot get enough of them. I feel happy when I can gently squeeze a ripe fig. En dan als je ze openscheurt. Beautiful sight. I didn’t even mention the taste. The sweetness. The festive taste. Phew… and here with caramelized walnuts and yogurt. A true party.


  • 4 figs

  • 150 gram plant-based yogurt (Greek variety if you can find it)

  • 3 table spoons sugar

  • 20 gram pant based butter

  • hand full arugula

  • 2 tea spoons balsamico vinegar

  • good olive oil


  • Melt the sugar in a pan with a little water. Over high heat, keep stirring until the sugar hardens and then becomes liquid again. Then it’s time to stir in the walnuts. Along with the butter. When everything is well mixed, pour it out on a sheet of baking paper and let it cool down.
  • Pour the yogurt into a flat bowl. Tear the figs into quarters or half and arrange them nicely in the bowl. Divide some arugula leaves over the dish.
  • When the walnuts have cooled, break them into pieces together with the caramel and divide it over the yogurt. Then pour the balsamic over the figs. And pour a little olive oil over everything.

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