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About us…

A la Damaris is more than just Damaris of course
Damaris Beems
Damaris Beems

“Aandacht voor eten. Aandacht voor elkaar. Het maakt elke maaltijd waardevoller.” 

Joris van Roessel
Joris van Roessel

“Sommige mensen doen het graag en anderen hebben het graag.”

Each and everyone of us, now and again, longs for that one special meal that mum used to make. Food is set in your memory, memories are tied to it. For me it will always be za’atar, a herb dat is used in the Lebanese kitchen. I remember the first time I tasted it, in a bread on the boulevard of Beyrouth. Later it was used all the time in many dishes at home. If I smell or taste is an extra sense of happiness runs through my veins.

Brought up in many countries, I automatically got in touch with other tastes, smells and cuisines. I got especially close to the French, Lebanese, Mediterranean and North-African (Moroccan) cultures. Cultures where eating has a very important place in life. Where there is a lot of attention for the preparation of a meal, often a table full of different dishes. Spending days in the kitchen is not an ordeal, but an investment for a beautiful experience and memory later on. You can taste the attention. You can taste the time that was taken to choose the tomatoes, zucchini’s, mint and persil in the market place.

That’s also how I perceive food and cooking. I am one of few women that do not enjoy ‘shopping’ to put it mildly, maar getting groceries in the house is what I do love. And then time is not an issue at all. I have my favourite places. And do not mind driving that extra mile for it. Spending the whole day in the kitchen is the best. Preparing lovely meals and dishes is extremely relaxing. Cooking for a table full of guests, it simply makes me extremely happy.

A nice meal is not always the result of spending days in the kitchen. But I believe that you always have to put effort in what you are doing. Whether you spend 5 minutes in preparing something or spend all day on a dish. That extra effort is often what makes a dish your signature dish, what gives it another dimension and what results in lots of enjoyment at the table.

This is something my grandmother used to say. She was talking about sex and having children. I am referring to cooking and food. Damaris loves doing it (cooking) and I love having it (food). I love to eat and you love to have me at your table.

To me cooking is not just about eating, but it is also about spending time together, having a good time together. Catching up, seriously or not, while enjoying a lovely meal. That’s enjoyment to the max.

In recent years I have become more and more aware of what I am eating, where it comes from, what is needed to get it in my home. As a consequence I chose to live a healthier life. Most of the time, because if you love eating the way I do, sometimes something unhealthy still finds its way into my mouth.

At à la Damaris you will find me behind the scenes. The business side of things, the operational side of things are on my plate. And of course I need to taste all these dishes every day. Could not wish to be in a better place.

Our philosophy


Yes, we cook vegan. Because that’s better for ourselves, better for animals and better for the environment. We do not use any (meat) substitutes. We prepare vegan recipes that were vegan before we ever started talking about vegan. Dishes that are incredibly delicious because of how they are compiled. You will not find soy on this website. Not because it is often used as substitute, but also because half of the Amazone forest is deforested for this reason. We prefer using oat milk and coconut yoghurt.


Everything has more taste if you use pure ingredients. A truly ripe tomato tastes so much better than tomato sauce in a bottle. And home made pesto, wins it from pesto in the supermarket. Hands down. We cook as pure as we can. That makes everything better.


Personal contact allows you to cook with more confidence à la yourself. We are always there to answer your questions, to discuss things.  And you know what, it makes things so much nicer for you and for us.


Choosing ingredients with care. Cooking with care. Taking your time and focusing on cooking for the people you are doing it for. Attention for our clients. Attention during our online cooking videos. Attention and focus makes everything more worth the while. More tasteful. Nicer. More fun.


Other eating cultures have different tastes, different habits, new experiences. It is always an enriching experience.


Vegan can be healthier, if you eat enough vegetables, fruit and other pure ingredients. We cook as pure as we can, which is also healthier.


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