Salad of beetroot, pistachio, pomegranate molasses and sourberries

Recipe by Damaris Beems
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The sweetness of the beet, the sour/sour of the pomegranate molasses and the sourberries, the nutty, earthy and crunchy of the pistachios… And the fresh bed of yogurt make this an ultimate salad that everyone really likes. Even those who are not so fond of beets. We ate this earlier this year in a restaurant in Marrakech and remembered it because it was so tasty.


  • 500 gram cooked beets

  • 500 ml vegetable yogurt (Greek style preferred)

  • 100 gram pistachios

  • 100 gram sour berries

  • 50 ml pomegranate melasses

  • 50 ml delicious olive oil

  • 1 table spoon sumac

  • salt and pepper

Cooking time

  • Cut the beets into cubes.
    Roast the pistachios until they give off their delicious scent.
    Soak the sourberries in warm water for fifteen minutes.
    Let the pistachios cool down a bit.
  • Spoon the coconut yogurt onto four bowls.
    Divide the beet over the four bowls.
    Do the same with the sourberries.
    Divide the pistachios over the bowls.
  • Pour the pomegranate molasses in a circle over the yogurt.
    Do the same with the olive oil.
    Finally, sprinkle some salt and pepper and sumac over the bowls.

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