Salad with aubergine dressing and parsley oil and shatta

Recipe by Damaris Beems
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Course: SaladeCuisine: Lebanese, Palestinian




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This salad should be made with romaine salad and without tomatoes. But hey, I did not have any salad in my fridge but I did have tomatoes… so I decided to make this version. It turns a regular plaine salad into a stunning one.


  • 2 aubergines

  • 100 ml plant based yogurt

  • 1 cucumber

  • 250 gram tomatoes

  • 1 red onion

  • 4 cloves garlic

  • 3 table spoons tahina/sesame paste

  • 50 ml olive oil

  • 2 table spoons shatta

  • 0,5 bouquet flat parsley and mint

  • salt and pepper


  • Cut the crown of the aubergines, give them notches all around and put them in an oven at 180 degrees for 40 minutes. Then cut them open and let them cool down for a while.
    Peel the cucumber, cut it lengthwise. Remove the soft seeds and cut it into pieces. Cut the (cherry) tomatoes into quarters. Finely chop the red onion.
  • Put the cucumber, tomato and red onion in a bowl and mix together.
    Then put the olive oil, parsley, mint, salt and pepper and a clove of garlic in a food processor and grind fine.
    Then scrape the flesh from the eggplant and put it in a food processor together with the sesame paste, three cloves of garlic, yogurt and salt and pepper and mix well.
  • Spoon the salad into a nice bowl. Divide the aubergine dressing on top. Drizzle over the parsley. And top it off with as much shatta as you want.

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