Stewed leek in white wine with crispy strips

Recipe by Damaris Beems
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If you read and make my recipes regularly, you know that I often mention using one secret ingredient to create an unforgettable dish. Or a special ingredient. In any case, an unexpected one. In this dish, these are the crispy strips I made from the dark green leek leaf. Try it. So nice to find a good use for the green leaves.


  • 4 large thick leeks

  • 50 gram plant based butter

  • 1 table spoon cane sugar

  • 75 ml white wine

  • 1 tablet for broth

  • 3 twigs (lemon) thyme

  • 150 ml sunflower oil

  • 2 table spoons flour

  • salt and pepper


  • Cut off the dark green leaves of the leek and save it for later.
    Cut the bottom of the leeks and then cut them in half lengthwise. You have 4 of them now. Do this carefully, because you want them to stay ‘in one piece’ and not fall apart. Put a cooking string around it.
  • Heat a heavy bottomed pan and melt the butter in it. When it starts to bubble, add the sugar and stir well. When the sugar is well incorporated and the butter is also quite hot (after about 10 minutes), place the 4 leeks open side down in the butter. Keep the heat high enough for the leeks to caramelize, but not so high that it burns. Keep that in mind. Turn them very carefully after 7 minutes when the leeks are nicely browned.
  • When the other side of the leeks are also nicely browned, you can add the wine and 50 ml of water. Also crumble the stock cube and add the thyme. Put the lid half on the pan and let the leeks stew for a while. About 15 minutes.
  • Cut 1 or 2 of the green leaves (depending on how long they are) into fine strips. Wash them well and then dry them with kitchen paper. Place the strips in a bowl and add the flour. Mix well. Now heat a frying pan and put the sunflower oil in it. You can now fry the strips until crispy. Take them out when they are nicely browned.
  • Carefully remove the from the pan onto a platter, open side up. Takes the strings off. Spoon some of the sauce over it. And garnish with the crispy strips.

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