Angel hair and rice

Recipe by Damaris Beems
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Course: SidesCuisine: Arabic, Moroccan




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Rice is a side dish of course. You eat it with something else. But sometimes rice is so nice that it stands alone, on its own two feet. This rice has two feet as it is combined with angel hair. But hey, we always eat it with something else. Well, sometimes you take a spoonful in the kitchen when nobody is watching. Right before serving. Or when you clear the table, a spoonful ends up in your mouth. Just like that. Oh well, it also happens at the table if you’re honest…


  • 250 gram basmati rice

  • 150 gram vermicelli – angel hair

  • 40 gram plant based butter

  • salt


  • You begin by frying the angel hair in a dry pan. It changes quickly into a brown colour, so baby sit it well. They should turn brown, but not too dark and certainly not black. When the angel hair has the right colour, take it out of the pan immediately.
  • A another pan you melt the butter and add the rice. Mix it well. Then add the angel hair and stir.
  • Add 400 ml of water and some salt. Check how long you need to cook the rice for and how much water you need to add with this type of rice. Let it get done in the time needed.
  • When the rice is almost done and all the water is taken it, let it rest for some 5 minutes in the pan with the lid on.

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