Very fresh and creamy eggplant lemon soup

Recipe by Damaris Beems
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Eggplant, we know it from casseroles, from pilavs, from baba ganoush. But as the main ingredient of a soup, this vegetable is not so well known. We are going to change that. Because this is a hit. Also very nice in summer.


  • 6 aubergines / eggplants

  • 1 liter broth

  • 100 ml lemon juice

  • 4 cloves garlic

  • 0,5 table spoon cinnamon

  • 0,5 table spoon ground cumin

  • 4 table spoons olive oil

  • 1 red chili pepper

  • 100 gram almonds

  • 150 ml plant based yoghurt

  • 3 table spoons flour

  • 300 ml sunflower oil

  • salt and pepper

  • 0,5 bouquet fresh cilantro


  • Cut the crowns off 4 aubergines, give them some notches around and then put them in a preheated oven at 225 degrees for 45 minutes.
    Then take them out of the oven and cut them in half lengthwise. Slide the pulp out with a spoon. Finely chop the pulp.
  • Put the pulp in a large pan with the stock, the finely crushed garlic, the lemon juice, the cinnamon and the cumin powder. Let it boil and then reduce a little over medium heat in about 25 minutes.
  • Cut the two remaining aubergines into cubes of 1 by 1 cm. Cut the red pepper in half lengthwise and then into strips. Heat a frying pan and add the sunflower oil. When it is hot, fry the aubergines and red pepper until crispy and done. Also add coarsely crushed almonds.
  • Now mix the flour with the yogurt in a bowl. Beat it together well. Add a generous spoonful of hot soup. Stir well again. Turn off the soup and add the yogurt. Stir slowly. Pour the soup into bowls, add the fried eggplant / red pepper / almonds and finely chop some coriander on top.

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